MTM Predator Anschusstisch L-35"xW-28"xH-30"

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MTM Predator Anschusstisch L-35"xW-28"xH-30"

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 Leichtgewichtiger, zusammenklappbarer Anschußtisch.

Ideal zum Anschießen im Revier oder zur Krähenjagd.

Für Rechts- und Linksschützen gleichsam geeignet.

Tischplatte 71 x 89 cm

Tischhöhe 76 cm

Gewicht ca. 6 Kg

Höhe zusammengeklappt 5,3 cm.



This super lightweight portable bench offers an ample 28” x 35” surface that is as ideally suited to the back-forty shooter as it is to the prairie dog hunter on the go. The perfect partner to MTM’s Predator Shooting Rest, the PST stands 30” tall and is modeled after a traditional shooting bench rest. The wedge shaped tabletop design provides a comfortable shooting position for both the left or right-handed shooter and leaves plenty of room for his or her gun, rests, ammo, logs and tools. Barrel grooves, molded into three sides of the table, provide a handy place to lean firearms once set up. Ideal for sighting-in and testing rifle or handgun performance, the MTM Predator Shooting Table also doubles as a maintenance bench or muzzleloaders table at the range. Molded from durable polymer, the PST offers strength at an easy to carry, light weight (less than 15 pounds). Dimensions: L-35” x W-28” x H-30” (folding down to under 2.1”)


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